Freeontour customer card

Explore the world with the Carado Freeontour customer card!

The new Freeontour program from Carado is the ideal combination of customer card and travel portal. With a membership card, you get numerous rewards and discounts to save you lots of money. You can also find interesting reports on the portal, giving you inspiration for your next travel destination. Practical planning tools help you to prepare your route and holiday. The extensive database of campsites and pitches guarantee a good night’s sleep wherever you are. You can share ideas and suggestions with other RV campers and save your experiences for prosperity by posting your photos in the log book.

Belong to an exclusive group of VIP mobile campers by owning the Carado Freeontour customer card. You will be rewarded with lots of attractive benefits and discounts on recreational activities and travel services such as ferries, fuel, campsites and pitches, online shops and entry tickets to leisure parks, museums, spas and much more besides. (These include over 250 campsites, various ferry operators, over 1,000 TOTAL petrol stations throughout Germany and diverse leisure parks, museums, spas, online shops and much more besides.) There are many ways to save money when travelling. All Carado motorhome owners receive the card at no extra cost. Depending on the cooperation partner, Carado customers are rewarded either with an immediate discount on payment or from a cash-back system where you first pay the full amount but the agreed bonus amount is then reimbursed to your customer account. The bonus points you collect are then paid to your customer account each year.

The Carado Freeontour web portal

The Carado Freeontour program also offers you access to the Freeontour web portal where you will find lots of information and interesting suggestions on mobile travelling. Besides a detailed list of all cooperation partners, you can read exciting travel reports, get ideas for your next touring destinations and access an interactive and up-to-the-minute guide on campsites and pitches. You can also share ideas and suggestions with other caravaning fans or carefully plan your routes. It is also possible to check the current status of your customer account to see how much you have already saved with your customer card.

More information about Freeontour

Simply log on at and discover the wide range of services and offers on the Freeontour travel portal.