Aside from a 2-year warranty, Carado also offers a perfect service infrastructure with an extensive network of dealers for all motorhomes and original parts and accessories; benefits which Carado customers have appreciated for many years.

Extended new vehicle warranty

Extended new vehicle warranty for motorhomes – guaranteed to keep you on the move.

Enjoy up to 5 years of freedom and independence without any worries

Have you found your dream vehicle? We want you to get the most of your new motorhome. To guarantee worry-free and safe travelling once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, we offer you an additional warranty protection for up to 3 years together with our partner, Europ Assistance. This extended warranty guarantees the best services in the event of a breakdown: straightforward claims handling and cost coverage included in the warranty’s terms and conditions.

  • Flexible and long-term warranty period
  • Guaranteed protection from unexpected repair costs
  • Up to 3-year extended warranty on all important components of your motorhome including the chassis
  • Europe-wide, 24x7 coverag
  • Harmonised quality standards at all our certified contracted workshop
  • Qualified and quick claims handling
  • Increases the value of your RV

Mobility warranty for motorhomes

On holiday and your vehicle breaks down? 
No problem ...

A mobility warranty is a standard feature of the extended new vehicle warranty for your motorhome. Keeping you mobile whatever the problem and wherever you are in Europe even in southern Mediterranean countries.

Profit from our extensive services and 24-hour hotline.

Including the mobility warranty services for the extended new vehicle warranty for motorhomes. 

  • Breakdown service
  • Tow-away
  • Additional expenses / taxi costs
  • Courtesy car
  • Costs to travel home or continue your journey
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Return transport
  • Loans
  • Information service

Reimbursement of material costs per km
up to 60.000 km100 %
up to 70.000 km90 %
up to 80.000 km80 %
up to 90.000 km70 %
up to 100.000 km60%
Labour costs at the published current hourly rates 100 %

Insured motorhome parts
Manual / automatic transmission
Power transmission / differential
Fuel system
Cooling system
Safety systems
Exhaust system and charging systems
Electrical system
Vehicle dynamics
Heating / air-conditioning
Comfort electrics
Water system

Maximum reimbursed amount a year
Cat 1: up to 50.000 EUR Listenpreis7.000 EUR
Cat 2: up to 70.000 EUR Listenpreis8.000 EUR
Cat 3: up to 90.000 EUR Listenpreis
9.000 EUR
Cat 4: over 90.000 EUR Listenpreis10.000 EUR

Prices of extended new vehicle warranty including insurance tax and mobility warranty

Catalogue price of motorhome*  
1 year2 years3 years
Cat 1: up to 50.000 €549€999€1.449€
Cat 2: up tp 70.000 €649 €1.199 €1.749 €
Cat 3: up to 90.000 €849 €1.599 €2.299 €
Cat 4: above 90.000 €1.349 €2.499 €3.599 €

* incl. VAT and extra equipment

Tip: Make sure you comply with the maintenance intervals for your warranty protection to be valid. Get in touch with your motorhome dealer or your local workshop.

Fast, efficient service

What to do if something has happened?

If you’re in Germany, drive to your dealer taking with you your warranty booklet. They will then contact Europ Assistance and repair the damage. The insured services are paid for directly by Europ Assistance; material costs incurred from the mileage driven are deduced.

In the event of a breakdown outside Germany, you should report the warranty case to the Europ Assistance 24-hour hotline. The damage can be repaired by any contracted workshop authorized by the manufacturer or a workshop approved by Europ Assistance.

Because not all workshops know the procedure to be followed, it is important for you to inform the workshop that it should not start to repair the damage until it has received authorization to do so in writing.

Europ Assistance — partnering the automotive industry for years

Europ Assistance has provided the German automotive industry with successful warranty products for over twenty years. You can rely on our experience.

Your RV is in safe hands with the Europ Assistance extended warranty for motorhomes.

For more information, contact the Europ Assistance service hotline, who will be pleased to assist you further.

Service hotline: +49 (0) 89 55987-602

To register

You need to register three months after the
the date of the initial license at the latest. The extended new vehicle warranty for motorhomes is a repair cost insurance provided by Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG.

The general terms and conditions for liability insurance apply. Recommended by the Erwin Hymer Group.

Your motorhome dealer can arrange your contract with you. You can find more detailed information in the warranty booklet.

Water ingress warranty

You are in safe hands when you buy a Carado motorhome. A 5-year water ingress warranty and the high-quality, consistent workmanship of all components give you a peace of mind on every holiday and the best resale value for your vehicle. You simply have to own a Carado.